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Innovation Excellence

The Eclipse main laboratory is a 10,500 square foot state-of-the-art nanotechnology facility that includes: 

  • thin film modeling area

  • vacuum deposition areas

  • test and characterization area

  • wet and polymer processing lab

  • machine shop for rapid protoyping


The Eclipse thin film modeling area has a world class collection of the most advanced thin film modeling software coupled with the internal expertise and experience to model new and innovative materials. 


The Eclipse vacuum deposition areas have multiple class 1000 cleanrooms (designed for quick conversion to Class 100) certified by the Controlled Environmental Regulatory Testing Service.  Eclipse has a total of nine vacuum coating systems to include a customized 6ft by 6ft large area coater and a roll to roll coater for flexible film applications.


The Eclipse test and characterization

area is a complete analytical laboratory


  • Woollam Spectroscopic Ellipsometer

  • UV, Vis and NIR spectrometers

  • FTIR

  • Gamry Impedance Spectroscopy (cyclic voltammetry)

  • Advanced Titration System (ATS)

  • Optical microscopy

  • Environment testing for UV, humidity, and chemical exposure 

  •  Eclipse has exising contractual relationships with a other organizations to rapidly obtain access to other characterization tools as needed. 


The Eclipse machine shop area has an

extensive machining capability for

rapid prototyping and integration work.  


Eclipse monitors advances in relevant technologies and maintains contractual relationships with experts to enable rapid state-of-the-art understanding in pertinent fields of endeavor.


Roll 2 Roll.png

Eclipse Roll to Roll Coater


Woolam Ellipsometer with IR VASE

Office outside.jpg

Eclipse Laboratory

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